what credit card should i get

What Credit Card Should I Get?

In a sea of endless credit cards clouded by promotions, bonuses, and fine print, it can be overwhelming to pick and choose which is the best credit card for you. Before you ask “what credit card should I get?”, it’s beneficial to ask yourself some other questions first. … Read More

difference between frugal and cheap

The Difference Between Frugal and Cheap

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I remember overhearing a conversation at a restaurant recently that went a little something like this:

“Why do you never want to spend money on me?”

“Because we’re broke.”

“No we’re not. You’re just being cheap.”

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How to get 800 credit

How I (Finally) Got An 800 Credit Score

I recently took a peek at my latest credit score and realized I had breached the 800 mark. There were no fireworks, no parades – just me blankly looking at my computer screen. For some reason, it had always seemed like such a major accomplishment to achieve. I am certainly … Read More

What’s the Deal with Credit Scores?

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It’s crazy how a few numbers can have so much power – these very numbers that have the power to influence car purchases, house purchases, school loans, and so much more. Why are these three numbers … Read More

Give Me Credit!

I really like credit cards. If you ever listen to any personal finance podcasts or look at different financial self-help websites, you’re going to get lots of different opinions. Quite simply, if you have no self control and don’t think you can handle paying off the card each month (NOT … Read More