Budgeting 101: Money Saving Tips

money saving tips

It always feels easy to save money when you hear about how others are doing it. But a lot of advice out there really only tackle high level details and unclear examples of how to actually save money. Below is a list of some practical ways to save money. You’d … Read More

Equifax Breach: What You Should Do

equifax breach

If you haven’t heard already, Equifax, a major credit report agency was breached. Whether you like it or not, your personal information (DOB, social security, account info, etc..,) is most likely compromised. The amount of information out there can be overwhelming when you’re really trying to figure out what you … Read More

Budgeting 101: Saving Goals

I have to admit, I felt lost when I started earning a paycheck. Not because I was swimming in money – I just didn’t really know what I was supposed to do with it. With no goals or direction, it’s easy to just spend money as you see fit. If … Read More

Movie Pass: Something You Should Watch

Here’s a simple question: would you pay $10/month to go to the movie theaters as much as you’d like? Well, that’s what Movie Pass is currently offering. Yes, any movie, any theater (as long as it accepts debit cards). It is a subscription based business model (much like Netflix) that … Read More

Tesla Model 3: All You Need To Know

Tesla recently delivered production Model 3’s to their very first customers along with a public livestream of the event. Although this isn’t a true launch event for the vehicle, we finally got to see the end result of what the Model 3 looks like inside and out. If you’ve never … Read More

What’s the Deal with Credit Scores?

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It’s crazy how a few numbers can have so much power – these very numbers that have the power to influence car purchases, house purchases, school loans, and so much more. Why are these three numbers … Read More

What is Net Neutrality

Have you ever been in a discussion where people are talking about a movie or TV show you’ve never watched but you just want to fit in so you pretend you know what they’re talking about? Maybe that’s what it feels like when you see the words Net Neutrality in … Read More

Budgeting 101: Why Should I Budget

Why Should I Budget

Outside of spiders and snakes, one of the scarier things in life is checking your bank or credit card statement when you don’t have a budget. You know the feeling right? You spent a little more than you were supposed to this week but just casually swiped your card at … Read More

Review: Allbirds Shoes

Statistics say that other than the face, the next thing you notice on another person when you meet for the first time are their shoes. Admittedly, I have no concrete support for that statement, but one of my teachers told me that in middle school, so I’ll take their word … Read More